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B.M.O Tradisional (M) Sdn. Bhd (formerly known as Z.M.Omar since 1980 -1995), was incorporated in 1996. It was initiated by Mr. Bahtiar Afandi Omar, the advisor of the company with 40 years experience in tailoring and garment businesses. With his 40 years experience in the industry, B.M.O Tradisional (M) Sdn. Bhd. has grown to be a well known traditional Malay attire specifically the Baju Melayu and corporate uniforms with choice of latest fabrics in the market.

One of the key factors to the company’s success is the strong and well bonded management and strategic alliances with supplier, both local and overseas. The major overseas supplier are from Italy, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, China, Turkey , India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, liaising through their agents located here in Malaysia and Singapore. All of them have shown tremendous support for the company, right from supplier of the sample needle and thread to sophisticated sewing machines and increasingly intricate textiles in a myriad of colours and assortment of textures.

The support that BMO receives from various government bodies as well as private sectors such as , banks, factories, automotive industry, airlines, hospital, security, hotels, transportation, oil and gas company, construction sector, and education sector have also contributed to our enviable success in the highly competitive industry.

With such strong networking, the company have been able to attract customers with the latest fabrics and textiles available in the market, coupled with the fact that they have come to trust and believe in the high quality workmanship of BMO’s products. Although all of these one quality ensure customer’s loyalty, BMO will not rest on its laurels but to strive better each year.


BMO's Company Profile
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